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Peer-to-peer networking

Netflix Remote app and Netflix Controller talk to each other on the same WiFi as peer to peer communication. Sometimes WiFi network does not allow peers to communicate with each other. Often Peer-To-Peer Networking is disabled on Public WiFi or Guest WiFi that does not require a password to connect. Some old types of routes disallow peer-to-peer by default, here is the example:

Let's say. I have wifi router Dlink Dir-320. With that router, I can't ping (or connect via FTP or HTTP) one laptop from another laptop. But I can ping/connect other PCs connected with a wire.

In that case, I have to use a different router to allow peer-to-peer communication.

To Test Peer-To-Peer networking

  1. Open Netflix Remote app
  2. Tap Gear button to flip to the settings page
  3. There will be the URL that looks like
  4. While the app is active and open type that URL on your desktop browser
  5. When peer-to-peer networking is disabled browser won't be able to connect, otherwise, it should redirect you to Netflix Controller web page

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